How We Began


 We began upon a realization of water consumption and how limited our supply of water actually is and are determined to save the world. One drop at a time.



Conserve water, preserve the planet. That's pretty much the point we're trying to get across. You save water, water saves you.

Our Work


Our goals are to raise awareness on the importantance of preserving and conserving water. So far, we've come up with various ideas and are currently working on the implementation of our project proposals.

Join Our Cause


Please,take time to look around the site and answer our survey. PS#5 Water Survey. It will help us with our data collection and don't forget to follow our tips on conserving water!

During the course of the project, we have learned the importance of working together and relying on each other for support. 

We created posters to raise awareness around the school. The posters were inspired by our data collection and illustrated the importance of conserving water and tips to minimize water use. 

Project Waterway

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